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Old 30th March 2019
Don't worry about it, it's all manageable. I haven't thought about/heard my tinnitus in weeks, but can hear it clearly right now that I'm thinking about it. It's always there, I just don't hear it when I'm not thinking about it. That's hard to realize and embrace at first, but right now you're probably stressing over it and that's "amplifying" it. Move on with your life and you’ll manage just fine.

Here are a few things to try that have helped me:
  • Notch therapy - Listening to music that has an EQ notch at your tinnitus frequency. Helps me a lot. I figured out where my frequency is and use an app called Equalizer on my iPhone to listen to my song collection with that frequency cut out. I use headphones and not too loud.
  • Avoiding alcohol and caffeine - Everyone is different but experiment with a few weeks without these, then have them again to see if there’s a difference.
  • Medication - Of course, don’t make changes without talking to your doctor but some prescription meds I’ve taken trigger my tinnitus in a big way.
  • Relax/Massage - Muscle stress in the neck/jaw is a trigger for me. If you bite down at night or when you're concentrating, a dental night guard can help.