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I've read the MTR 90 is like a Maytag, dependable and does the job. I've read that it's not much different from a Studer 820/827. I've read that there's an 820 in Ottawa for $6,500 on Reverb which is a 2 hour drive from Montreal, just sayin'.

May I ask how many tracks you usually record at once? I rarely record more than 8 at a time. Picked up an old Otari 8tk on 1". I need to recap, but once it's running, I'll be tracking to tape (and digital at the same time) and pulling it off the 3rd head in real time into the DAW, offset and lined up with DAW tracks. I can build analog recorded tracks, 8 at a time and it's less work to maintain/run a smaller machine. I also have an MCI 4 tk. If necessary, I could start both machines and pull 12 tracks into DAW.