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The main limitation of digital is that the rate of feeback (measure volume, adjust volume) is limited to the sample rate vs. the speed of light (electricity).
This is a bit like saying: The biggest problem of modern rockets is the shape of their sails. It sounds cool to laymen, but of course it doesn't make any sense.

A dynamics processor is something taking a value, and returning one. Instantly.

Here's a dynamic range compressor:

y = tanh(x)

What exactly is the problem of finding out the value of y?!

A compressor doesn't have to "wait" for results. It simply looks at the input, and returns an output. Maybe the best counter example, perfectly showing how ridiculous this idea of a "delay problem" is: Digital clipping.

Originally Posted by elegentdrum View Post
Depending on the digital compressor design, and if working with existing recorded material, look ahead solves this problem.
No. There is no general problem. Zero difference to analogue circuits. Takes an input, returns an output. Simultaneously.