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Old 30th March 2019
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Sorry to hear about your situation Strife. I think it is very likely that you have got/had an ear infection, especially as you mentioned pain and sinus problems. I am not a doctor but I have read that sometimes steroids can help, maybe try a specialist doctor.
I had an episode very similar to yours some years ago, just woke up with bad tinnitus and an ear that felt blocked. It took me about 3 months to get used to the initial situation and I really struggled with music at that time (i am a professional musician) but after about 6 months the tinnitus had gone away about 80% but I am still quite sensitive to loud noises even 5 years later. Even somebody clapping their hands too close can hurt sometimes. I now use proper musician moulded ear plugs for all loud situations and in general play and listen to music quieter than before. My ears will never be like they were but they are 90% back to normal now. So don’t despair, you almost certainly will be able to enjoy making music again. Take good care of your hearing and visit a specialist doctor right away.