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Old 30th March 2019
Thank you for answers @ SKS @ foxwaves and @ rezident

I wrote here because my family or doctor do not understand this at all. I am the only one in my family making music.

Only reason I can think is that my audio systems have been too loud. I did long hours for few days = not enough rest for ears and body, and I was doing some high-frequency mixing, sweeping frequency bands for bad sounds and trying to make my bassline sit better into the mix. you know the drill. Because i've never heard this tinnitus this loud before and this time it is loud. So loud I cannot even sleep at night.

Few nights ago I woke up and it sounded like someone was blasting high-pitched noise straight into my ear. It lasted for 5 seconds, my brains woke up and then it got much more silent. It was a strange sensation.

What annoys me the most is when I hear any sounds, my ears start to hurt. It feels like a cat inside my ear clawing or someone poking needles at my eardrum and then this burning sensation. Feels like someone pours acid in my ear.

Sometimes my left ear feels normal. And sometimes the tinnitus is switching between ears. But I feel physical pain, and feels like my ears are blocked all the time. And if I listen TV or something, even at low volumes, the tinnitus gets much, much louder.

But I guess, all I can do now is wait. I need to let my ears rest but I will not use ear plugs, since I read that they can make my ears even more sensitive to sounds.

This is really something I could have avoided. I know I did long hours and I felt tired, but I could still hear my EQ-changes and overall everything sounded fine. Tired, but fine. So I though "i do this one more thing and then I stop and continue tomorrow"

Thank you for the support. My problem is that I already suffer from depression now and then (cyclothymia) and sleep is very important for my mental health, more than for normal person. And I am seriously stressed If I have to live with this sound for the rest of my life.

It's been exactly week now. And things have not improved much. At least my directional hearing has come back. Last sunday I went for a walk in to the forest and I honestly started crying because I could not hear the direction the birds were singing. So I guess I did some major damage to my ears. Even though the volume levels were not blasting loud. But my monitor speakers are at 1m away from my position (3 feet) just like instruction manual said they can be set. Since I have small room where I produce my music.

Oh well. The damage is done and now I need to find a way get trough this. Rest for now. As much as I can...