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Funny with most software,, people will try it for a few minutes and throw in the towel when things don't go the way they "think" it should. You could change the name of the software and the complaints will be the same. You need to live with any software for a week or so before you pass judgement. All the major DAWs are in pretty good shape these days and they all have a certain amount of bugs. Most are so insignificant as to not be show stoppers. Otherwise that DAW should be long gone.

I use Cakewalk 4 hour daily and on W10 I have never had a crash or notice anything weird. On an older W7 Laptop I get the occasional hang on closing which is due to my Audio driver, not Cakewalk. Audio drivers are HUGE when using any DAW. Some DAW's are not as sensitive to driver issues.

For those of us who have used Cakewalk for many years this is the most stable version ever. When Bandlab took over they stopped adding more and more features and set the crew to working on bug fixes. The results are obvious. One sure sign to me that they have got things under control is the Cakewalk forum is pretty quiet. And 90% of the complaints go right back to either pilot error or audio drivers.

If it has any fault it's that Cakewalk is overly complicated and has 3 ways to do most tasks. A lot of real good features are hidden and not obvious.