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Old 30th March 2019
Here for the gear

Hey - firstly, you're going to be OK.

Chances are, your tinnitus has been sitting there dormant for a long time, it's just that your brain was never aware of it like it is now. If you have been safe with your hearing your whole life, I don't see why these three days of mixing at reasonable levels would result in tinnitus.

I first noticed my tinnitus while on the couch with my partner, when she asked if I could hear a high pitched noise coming from outside. I listened for it, heard something in my head instead, and it has not gone away since

For context, I played loud music all through my teens and most of my 20's and I protected my hearing properly for maybe half of that. I went to loud shows, listened to music at high volume with headphones, lived in a city center full of noise etc etc. As my engineering career developed, I started to take more care - especially around my mid 20's. I was still mixing for 8+ hours a day, but started to bring the volume right down. So when I noticed my tinnitus at 30, I was upset because I was finally looking after my hearing. Why now?

Like I say, I think it has always been there - it just took a while to notice it.

Honestly it has been a pretty difficult time since then but I am learning to live with it. My hearing tests are perfect, I can still hear into the stratosphere compared to others, I'm still working, people still hire me and think my stuff sounds great.

You're gonna be ok, you've gotta remember that. If anything, the tinnitus made me a better engineer. I'm more calculated and care more now about how something sounds than ever before.

One last thing - the sensitivity to sounds, it's called hyperacusis. You have that right now because you're obsessively listening out for a change in your tinnitus. Your brain is working overtime with sound. That will end soon.