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Old 29th March 2019
Noise Reduction.

Hey guys.

I’ve used many hardware music making machines and DAW’s over the years. One thing I’ve noticed and found common was that: All my music that I made always had this hi “sibilance” sounds. Like it didn’t have this “quiet” and “intimate” sound like commercial recordings. Then it dawned on me that I remember years and years ago when I started out recording, when I was recording on old 4 track tape machines like the Tascam 424’s etc, that they had a “dbx Noise Reduction on:off” switch on it that I would apply after making music on it. And I remember how the whole overall song would get “quieter”. Not necessarily quiet in volume? But it did “something” to the song. Like reduced the overall “noise” around it.

Nowadays I know we mostly use digital and supposedly there isn’t any “noise”, especially with softsynth and mixing in the box etc, but I still find this to be an issue. At least with my work. So last night I did a test. I downloaded Audacity and I know Audacity has a lot of effect features and one of those features is a “Noise Reduction” effect. So I imported on of my songs into Audacity and applied the Noise Reduction. And not even messing around with the settings? I can clearly see what it did. I took the “hi-ish-hissy” sheen from around the song and made it more quiet and somewhat “punchy.” Seems like this is the sound I’ve been missing with my recordings.

And suggesting or ideas? Is this done in the mastering stages?