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The minute all that glorious analog leaves the mixer and enters front of house territory, you wouldn’t hear a difference. A bar or pub or coffee shop isn’t exactly a critical listening environment.
You'd think so.

There's a venue here in LA called Kulak's Woodshed (give it a google) where they had an old Tascam FOH board that worked, and people were used to it, but it had lots of issues and bits of it were dying.

A couple months ago, when a rich-folks church I know of mothballed their mint Soundcraft Two in favor of something new, I persuaded them to let me haul it up the 405 and give it to Kulak's. The sonic difference was immediately noticeable by everyone, audience and crew and performers.

I'm not sure there's a connection, but this past Monday at the open mic, there were twice as many performers as they had time for, and about 20 people got shut out. Including me. I've never had that happen in 10 years of sporadically playing there.