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That’s true.

But let’s say you have a gorgeous analog synth collection and you bring 2 of them live with a couple of singers and a drum machine. Like a Moog Sub37, an OB-6 and Tempest.

Or you’re a DJ with a RYTM, SP-16, Minitaur and Lancet.

There are reasons why you may want to stay all analog. There are cheaper boards like Soundcraft, Mackie and Yamaha but are they SSL? Nope.

This little board has a lot to offer. Imagine just fanning out your SP-16 through. Or Tempest. Or RYTM. I haven’t thought about it in detail, but it seems you you could use the two channel comps, eq and glue it all together and also track most of this.

There are just so many possibilities with this thing. That’s why I bought one. It’s why I bought a UA 4-710d. And my Octatrack. Some devices have certain limitations but also, oddly, so many possibilities. I think the siX is in this category.

Just my gut opinion. Not trying to say anyone’s criticism is wrong.
The minute all that glorious analog leaves the mixer and enters front of house territory, you wouldn’t hear a difference. A bar or pub or coffee shop isn’t exactly a critical listening environment.