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A bit counterintuitive but ok. How does radias effect pitch.

Also, I would like a ride with a clean, clear ping and quick decay on the wash to be recorded in a small space with bass, piano and horn in the same room. Any suggestions?
Pretty much any ride marked as "dry" will fit the bill.
Paiste Masters dry and extra rides have a very nice shimmer to them like all Paiste cymbals, and the ping is quite defined, but you might just as well go with, say, a K custom special dry, a Byzance dry ride...
If you want some more tail/wash and a longer decay then there's the Paiste Masters dark crisp ride, the Signature Dark Energy ride mkI, the regular K custom ride and medium ride...

Or you could just find a ride you like and up some tape on the bottom, that'll dry it up very effectively while still maintaining its character.