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Old 28th March 2019
Here for the gear

I haven't bought anything from them so far - we have sold a few Barco projectors though them a couple years back. We were looking at buying some moving lights- but Jan is an absolute jerk and very pushy and demanding.

He clearly does not understand that people are busy and it might take a day or two to respond back to him when we are slammed. He got ticked that I hadn't responded when his first email clearly stated we had until the end of the month. Well the very next day 5 days from the end of the month he started pushing and calling but with the time difference and the crazy touring schedule, I was not able to get ahold of him.

Today he literally demanded I respond and threaten us. Of course I have little patience for assholes in this world, so I called him back and told him - hey dude we have until the end of the month by your own words. Stop pressuring us and understand we are busy and will get back once we land our decision. He was very pissy - at which point I was done and fully informed him that he clearly doesn't live in the real world and needs to get a clue. He proceeded to tell cuss me out and tell me no one talks to him that way.

Well guess, what I won't talking to you EVER again. Loser and scumbag garbage piles such as this guy need a lesson on civility and customer service. I hope his client understand he just cost them a sell.