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VS 880

Originally posted by Jules
I'm curious to hear others thoughts on this.

IHO theres something that can be hard to beat on Roland VS series demos...

They just have their own sound goin on... I contend you just dont get 'that sound' again when you shift over to an alternate system - you get "another" sound and that can be a disapointment on some occaisions.

Damn good little boxes for self recording artists IMHO.

I miss my old original version VS880. That thing was cool. It had some effects that were so uniquely strange and bad, they sounded great. All of today's emulation crap started (badly but fun!) with the VS series. I also remember that the bandwidth controls would work backwards, so that when you dialed in a tighter octave, the frequency sounded like it would actually widen out.

The converters were 18 bit, truncated down to 16 bit with no dithering! But that doesn't explain why the box had so much personality. It would even clip in a funky, good sounding way. Sort of a low end white noise murmur as opposed to a scrape! I would buy one again someday, if they start to show up used for $300 or so.

My PT rig has no personality, but the outboard makes up for it.