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Old 28th March 2019
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I beta-tested this plugin. And was really surprised with the saturation in the Satson module. It really brings something I really like.
I mix everyday on SSL but I have no idea if it sounds like the desk I use. Although I am feeling confident using it.
And it is also a huge help using it when I mix exclusively ITB (or hybrid).
As when mixing on the desk, I don't feel the need to use as much saturation as when I mix ITB.
But using this one ITB gave me the same feeling, I don't feel the need to use as much saturation ITB now (except for specific effect of course).

It particularly helps if you are using synth has it can saturates them nicely and filters them very well too (as when using synth directly into the SSL line pres).

I just wish, there could be an option to engage / disengage oversampling for all instances (I don't think it is the case currently but I could be wrong).
I do not care that much about oversampling when offline personally since I print the mix into the session (but understand it can be useful). But it could be very convenient for me to switch OS off when mixing and engaging it at the end of the mix. See if it brings something (most of the time it does to me). And also ease the CPU a bit.

I was also quite surprised by the compressor that I tend to use it alone by itself. It has that "softness" that the mixbus desk compressor have IMHO. I didn't used that much the SSL Gbus Rack unit, but used the desk bus comp quite extensively. I liked the cohesion it brings to the sound but often regretted how it narrowed the stereo image. Using this plugin in dual-mono solves this issue.

I am very picky when it comes to plugins. I hate fuzzy marketing hiding recycled coding recipes or when they hide features behind hazy names ("analog knob" = noise, or some W**** plugins that are just bunch of plugins repacked into one etc...). I am also very picky about sound and digital artefacts. I take good care recording stuff as much as I can, I don't want to screw that up with digital artefacts (except when it is wanted).
So yeah, awesome sweet sound, OS options. I am happy to use it next to the outboard or the desk =).