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Hi Sorry JGM, preparing for Pro Light and getting the two new products ready for full production!

The 1974 can only be described as a Clean Parametric EQ, the aim was to produce a fast set up Stereo EQ that just behaves as expected, I've plotted all its curves and will get them up at some point!

The philosophy of all the 70s series is to do something interesting across a stereo bus, if you need an EQ on the vocal chain, before or after the 1973 I'm sure the 74 will fit the bill, can do most EQ tricks from gentle shelving to precision filtering!

Hop that helps, Cheers, Kieron.
No worries.
Thanks for the response.
I am very interested in both products. Just waiting to see when they will be shipping and where the US prices end up.
Also looking forward to some indepth videos showing off the features and sounds.

One quick question, are all the knobs detented on both units?

Best of luck at Pro Light.