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There is a difference between making a reference and making a direct comparison...saying that the Mixwizard's EQ sounds similar to console "X" is not making a comparison between the two console, it's making reference to a known type of performance.

Declaring that you're disappointed that the preamps on the Mixwizard are not a clean as those on the SSL live however is a very different thing.

Just curious, but now that you've heard that it does not perform as well as the Sound Devices Mixpre 10T or 633 recorders, will that affect your buying decision?
I see what you mean about the distinction between using references vs. drawing direct comparisons... although I'm still not against the idea of reading direct comparisons. To each his/her own, I guess.

As for whether the preamp comparison between these two recorders would influence me, probably not... although if a similar review compared a different low cost recorder more favorably to its high end counterpart, I would definitely take note. Two such examples come to mind. I seem to remember hearing that the Tascam HS-P82 holds up remarkably well considering how much less it costs than its SD counterpart. In the realm of mics, the Line Audio CM3 and OM1 are often compared with their Schoeps counterparts at roughly 10x the price. No one expects the underdog to outshine its top tier counterpart, but if it even comes close, that's useful information.

So, perhaps it was unhelpful to complain about the Sony preamp not matching an SD preamp, but I don't think that means that the comparison shouldn't be made in the first place. Perhaps a better approach would be to compare the two devices with a greater emphasis on which traits are more closely matched between them. That way, people like me, who have experienced some really nice gear but can't afford to own it, could see how things measure up against a known standard, and in which categories these less expensive devices excel.