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I wish there was a Cymbal Swap Shop so you could swap in and out at whim, try different things.

It's so hard to go to a music store and play the cymbals with all the racket there and get a feel for what's going to work with your setup.

We used to have a music store in town, great guy, salt of the earth type who you could call up on a Sunday evening and he'd make a cable or whatever for you, often for no charge "show must go on!" kind of attitude. Anyways, he had an actual drum room: 10x12 kind of thing, treated, with a heavy door, so you could take drums/cymbals in there and play around before you bought them.

Sadly, he closed shop years ago, and none of the big box stores around here have a room for the drums. Ukulele room? Check. But no drum room.