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As long as people are OK with the quasi-crowdfunding business model then they will keep it up. We may complain but SOMEONE is sending them money.
It's not the crowdfunding model that's the issue, it's the timelines that they just completely ignore. I'm going on 15 months for a product from them now. No communication except for one email 8 months ago saying they'd be shipping 6 months ago. Lack of communication, lack of accountability, etc.

And let's all think about this for a second. If their business model is to release new products to fund past products, does anyone honestly believe that's sustainable? First they've turned off tons of potential customers from all the horror stories they hear. Second, they've turned off actual customers from becoming repeat customers. So whose gonna be left to support this business? Then they'll be way over extended on preorders they can't fill because they don't have the money to finish them. And they won't have the money to refund people. It'll be like a run on the banks of people trying to get their money back before they just go out of business.