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Old 26th March 2019
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More than a month since the last update, so lots of new pictures to post.

Pillars and beams that will support the concrete roof of Studio A. Second picture shows the ceiling of the Iso Booths and Echo Chamber, which are a little less tall than the main room ceiling.

Soundlock ceiling. There will be a staircase to access the studio ceiling, which will house all the ventilation ducts. Notice that the entire studio structure does not touch the existing structure, nor the structure built for the first floor. Once the concrete is dry, the blue styrofoam will be removed to create a perfect gap between the outer shell of the studio and the building.

Studio A will be the tallest structure in the building, limited only by the blue beams that support the warehouse ceiling.

Laying down the ceilings. I love concrete! Third picture shows the through in one of the support beams for one of the ventilation systems.

Preparing for pouring the main studio ceiling.