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I've had Yamaha HS80Ms and JBL 305s for a while. Both would be considered budget friendly monitors. I would like to upgrade and keep the cost to around 3k.

The reason I am even posting this is because there is a dizzying array of near field monitors available at every price point.

I am almost at the point of throwing in the towel and just getting a pair of Auratones and some great headphones.

Any thoughts, opinions or prayers?
Is your room professionally treated/well measured/taken care of?

I don't know how big your room is but for around 3k budget I'd look at:

- Neumann kh310
- Genelec 8331
- KS Digital A200
- ATC scm12 with a nice amp (which is the only 2 way of the group)

In any case, test at least a pair of contenders in YOUR room if you can..
Room interaction plays a big role, then there's the personal taste as well..

I hope this helps,