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Originally Posted by veggieryan View Post
Motu 112D has 3x AES I/O for 24 ins/outs on AES.

Also has 24 ADAT I/O and MADI on USB or thunderbolt.

It's 96khz max samplerate for some dumb reason though.

Probably the best option for interfacing with 24 I/O of JCF.

I use Metric Halo ULN-8 3D via AES for my JCF's... It's nice because the built in mic pres are actually very nice and have split direct analog outs for the AD8 with PEP and you can still monitor in realtime via the builtin AD and the nice MHConsole.

Oh snap! Would you look at that! I thought focusrite rednet or symphony would be my option when I hit the end of the PT/HDX train. That would be even cheaper! I have a lot of years before I have to worry about this -- it will be interesting to see what options are available when the time comes.

Also -- aren't most AES/EBU interfaces limited to 96k? Avid HDIO digital isn't (what I run), but I know rednet is.