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Hi to the other Jerry!

Here's my take on Roland V-Drums, or ANY Electronic Drums for that matter.

IMHO, if one starts from a common agreement that no Electronic Drums feel like an acoustic set with real cymbals, then we can move forward

So if we agree, then several factors enter into the discussion, factors such are the Electronic Drums for live playing, are they for studio use, does one already have an acoustic set, is there a footprint size one needs, does one like the onboard sounds, does one want to simply use the pads to trigger software drums, is this ones first drum set, what style music will you be playing, and so on and so on.

I also contend that ones age has a lot to do with it well.

I have seen videos of young musicians that are playing from their iPads, and the music they produce is pretty impressive.

What I'm getting at is if one starts playing drums at, say six years old, and only has a Alesis Sample Pad Pro, maybe with pedals, maybe not, then that is what he/she grows accustomed to, it's their baseline standard if you will, and they might never look back, and they think that striking drumsticks against rubber pads is how one plays drums.

If you think about it, that mindset is really no different than what a lot of drummers who grew up on acoustic sets have to say about Electronic Drums, wouldn't you agree?