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I hate soulless singers and/or singing w/a passion @ E-Irizarry
That's why the only new singers I can get into are Lyfe Jennings, BJ The Chicago Kid (he has promise), Bobby V (his voice isn't deep but he sings with soul and reminds me of The Deele/Babyface - most people slept on his 2006 Special Occasion album demo (not the 2007 official album release featuring Timbaland-produced "Anonymous")), certain Miguel records, Chris Brown (not deep at all, but he sings high without a lot of dissonance), teenage Usher (Usher nowadays is trying to stay relevant by "mumble singing"), teenage Monica (she was a beast), okay I'm digressing my fault.

So yeah part II to good soulful singers nowadays, Adele (kiss my ass if you think otherwise - she sings better than most Black American female singers nowadays say what you want!! However if it were the pre 90s Adele would be at best a good background singer), even most British R&B singers nowadays are sick. That maricon Sam Smith sounds better than Seven Streeter (what type of name is that for a feminist chickenhead??!)

Ever since Brooke Valentine (look her up) came out with that Girl Fight song in 2005, moving forward just about all Black American female "R&B" "singers" sound fcuking alike!!!!!! Rihanna made this syndrome come to fruition even more so (No, "Rih-Rih" is a pop singer and always has been!) They all now just do that "mumble nasal sounding-like-a-White-female-pop-singer", and people think that because they are Black in race that they are by default singing R&B. Fcuk outta here with that.

I liked Justin Guarini (yeah I think he's a maricon too but that's irrelevant lol), and he should have been more popular. Mario Vasquez a mari too but he had Chris Brown-esque vocals that were good too, but Latinos never get a fair shake at R&B and I think that's racist megalomania provided by Jewish and Black (no mixed race pun) record execs.

Speaking of that, have you heard of Veronica Vasquez?, she sung even better than Lisa Lisa and Lisa Lisa was the first Puerto Rican R&B singer right?

Nesto Velasquez "Personalidad" and the original English version ...was hot...he was signed to Andre Harrell's Uptown MCA at the same time Christopher Williams was signed. Both of them got curbed when Harrell prioritized Jodeci and Mary over them. Harrell is kind of colorist although he liked Heavy D on the contrary hence why Heavy D was CEO of Uptown for a couple of years before it went to s.hit.

Now that I think of it, I think that Harrell curbed Nesto because he sounded too much like Horace Brown, which became Harrell's first Motown act when Harrell became Prez of Motown/Universal in late '95

J. Quest (the Puerto Rican R&B singer)....Barrio Boyz (those Chicanos could blow)...etc.