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Hi John!!!

While waiting for replies, I called Sweetwater, and I was surprised that even they don't have what I consider a "simple" solution to address what I want to do

Most of what that had to offer had built in drum sounds, and I don't want/need built in drum sounds, and every hi hat rubber pad I've ever used, be it Roland, Yamaha or Alesis, none of them were as realistic/articulate as a real pair of hi hats (as how could they be?).

So based upon what you said, it "opened" my mind as to what I specifically want, and that is:

X device/devices that will allow me to play/trigger/record a kick (with a pedal), snare, 2 toms and a floor (all played with drumsticks) using Superior Drummer (or Addictive Drums), while at the same recording a real hi hat (I can do that now with what I currently have).

Once my drum tracks are recorded, it will be easy to then add either real or software cymbals.

Thanks for the input!!!
not saying buy these .. just making a few observations .. and seeing what is out there for making a PAD based setup .. and not saying this is what you would do ..

this just amazes me at this price .. 349.00 .. you could just not put up the Hats or Cymbals Triggers .. OR .. play them and replace them later !!

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wow ..

Ordering from outside the US - Google Express Help

this is outside the box - haha .. put acoustic triggers on these ..

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NORD .. hmm .. this has a Kick input (kick pedal, snare & toms on the pads) .. with real hats and then cymbal overdubs as you mentioned .. that might actually feel alright ..

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and this drum trigger input box .. is very cool .. pick and choose .. and this quote Pic is from the Review at the bottom of the page .. Mentions Superior Drums !!

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Yamaha .. has no sampling input ..

sorry for posting all this .. as most of this is probably not going to be part of your setup .. but maybe mine !!! oops Hijack !!

you have given me a lot of ideas ..

cheers john
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