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Either you go all in or keep it simple.

The best traditional Trigger to midi brain is the roland TMC6.
Only 6 input, no sounds, but its simple and fast. Trigger settings are the same in all Roland units.

Hats are a core problem. Either you go roland brain and hats, Magadrum & Roland, Or all Yamaha, Or go the DIY/Hart method.

New drum tech is: In-head/Onhead or the link below

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Kat makes a good old school brain
Pearl make a good new school brain with a softsynth included
Roland sets the standard. They pulled a dick move on the last update of flagship. They went digital on the ride and snare

Kick drum. Only the KD140 is good for depth, cheaper to put sensor on real kick.
Snare: Company in germany sells god 14", Old hart stuff is 13"

You have to decide exactly what all your goals are. I wanted quite, and fast, and full size. I'm $10K in. Then went MADI AD DA for fast sound.