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Hi John!!!

While waiting for replies, I called Sweetwater, and I was surprised that even they don't have what I consider a "simple" solution to address what I want to do

Most of what they had to offer had built in drum sounds, and I don't want/need built in drum sounds, and every hi hat rubber pad I've ever used, be it Roland, Yamaha or Alesis, none of them were as realistic/articulate as a real pair of hi hats (as how could they be?).

So based upon what you said, it "opened" my mind as to what I specifically want, and that is:

X device/devices that will allow me to play/trigger/record a kick (with a pedal), snare, 2 toms and a floor (all played with drumsticks) using Superior Drummer (or Addictive Drums), while at the same recording a real hi hat (I can do that now with what I currently have).

Once my drum tracks are recorded, it will be easy to then add either real or software cymbals.

Thanks for the input!!!

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