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Hello, I work for Bruce at TDD and BAS. To answer some of the questions I have seen on here (sorry I'm late) we are currently building a few consoles, the latest is serial number 65. We just delivered two CS75s to a high profile client that will be announced shortly. We also recently moved Sully Earner's 32Ch from New Hampshire to his new commercial facility in Nashville if anyone in the area would like to get hands on with one and have a listen.

The automation will be handled by THD as previously stated. It will be motorized faders with mute automation, and we are thinking of adding a few features in the future. Daniel from THD is working on the PCBs now. It will be automated through Pro Tools using the THD plugin, and the Pro Tools automation system we are all familiar with.
I don't use slow tools. What about dp , reaper and reason or ableton? Also why do you not publish the consoles specs?