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Old 24th March 2019
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Advice on triggering my software drums.

I've been "playing" my Superior Drums from my keyboard, and while I'm happy with the results, I'd like to go to the next level of realism, especially in regards to the hi hats.

Let me interject at this point that the first instrument I learned to play as an adolescent was drums, and I do have a real set of 1964 Ludwig BOP drums (purchased as a present to me from my parents in '64) that are an exact copy of Ringo's drumset, and they are stored in cases at my house where my home studio is located.

Moving forward, I'm thinking about buying some pads that I would like to play with sticks to trigger Superior Drums, but once I started researching pads, it opened a can of worms for someone who is admittedly obsessive.

Regardless, there are so many options like the Roland Octopdad, SPD-SX, the Alesis Sample Pad 4, the Strike, the Akai MDP's, the Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12, etc., and all of them allow one to add hi hat and kick drum triggers.

I also could go with some electronic drums kits by Yamaha, Alesis and Roland, and they all have mesh/rubber heads/cymbals, as well as pedals to trigger the hi hats and kick drum.

Now admittedly I would just use my Ludwig's to record my drums, but my Apollo Twin Duo only has two inputs, so my options are limited there, but I have thought about recording my Zildjian hi hats separately, and at least that would solve having realistic sounding hi hats.

So what are your thoughts/input/advice in achieving what I'm trying to accomplish?