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Thank you so much for this: this is a great lesson in history! I kind of like it how the great conflicts in history are shown in a microcosmos as mic-technology.Never thought about the relations of VEB (Volks-Eigener-Betrieb) Neumann/Gefell of communist Eastgermany and China. All enterprises in socialist Germany were "VEB" - VEB means owned by the people as opposed to private "capitalists"
Since about a year I live in Kreuzberg, Berlin, where the original Neumann factory was located, but although Berlin is kind of obsessed with history: it is not possible for me to find out, where exactly the factory was.

But if this is the cause that so many budget LDC mics sound too bright and sibilant, why do many users say the same things about the australian made budget Rode mics, esp. the NT1a and even the post-coldwar more affordable Neumann mics like the TLM 103???
VEBS/Geffel/Shanghai history is very very interesting... Somehow the match up of capsules were confused - leading to the mismatch and original LDC siblancy (which carried on for quite a while. (Fascinating) Some of those old mics just have to be modded. I have heard some results and they are astounding. Many mics get a bad knock but if you know how to use real low end mics to get a great recordings... lightbulbs start going off! ... and realize that if a mic has a frequency sweet spot its so usable.

Gmbh history Neumann - Reel to Reel Tape Recorder Manufacturers - Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording

The first Neumann factory, right in the centre of Berlin, was bombed late in 1943. Clearly a safer home was required, and a former textile mill was chosen in Gefell, to the South-East, near the Bavarian border. The whole company was moved in 1944, and there is still a local neighbourhood known as ‘Little Berlin’. A small facility was maintained in Berlin.

Neumann president, Wolfgang Fraissinet, tells of the brand’s 90-year history and its continuing presence today - PSNEurope

aktuelle Unternehmensinformationen

All I can read is it was right in the 'center of Berlin... its in one of these maps LOL :
1940 center of berlin map at DuckDuckGo