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Got an OX today.

I don't have the space, time, or tools for much experimentation. So this box gives me a much wider palette than I would have found otherwise. It's also easy to setup and designed with simplicity in mind.

I'm using a Supro Comet then running into an Apollo 8 with SSL E Channel and LA-3A plugins on the channel.

So far I'm impressed and finding it very useful for my workflow as well as an improvement in tonal quality.
Glad to hear that. Since buying it 3 months ago I've only become more impressed. One main observation is that it sounds better digitally than via its analog outs, and by a large degree (to my ears). I've read that some prefer the "warmth" of the analog outs but what that seems to be is a lack of high end and detail. A softness. A less pristine sound. What sucks about this is that the OX only spits out 44.1 KHz, so if you work at a different SR (as I do; 48K) then you have to convert it on the fly.