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One weird thing I don't like about the Focals (Twins, Solos and Trio 6) is that alot of indie rock music sounds horrible on them. It sounds overly harsh and abrasive. I remember putting on Phoenix's "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" on my Twins and I really disliked how it sounded on them, but I absolutely loved it on other monitors like my Adams. That being said, if I put on Post Malone's "Psycho" on the Twins - it sounds like one of the best mixed modern hip hop records I've ever heard. Maybe it's a genre thing. It's weird.

There's something about distorted or heavily driven guitars just don't sound accurate coming through the Twins.
This is true, but I def think it’s accurate. Did you do a headphone check? You’re talking about indie mixers, no hate because I love indie music, vs manny marroquin. Indie is weird...and a lot of mix decisions can be that way to stand, or anti establishment, or quirky, that’s why it’s indie. When I first got the trios, I used to result to my usual thing and use a bunch of plugins on my channel strip. I decided one day I would just listen to them and follow their rules. I attribute it all to the berryllium tweeter. Speakers are another instrument. They dictate the final result if you let them guide you. My friends make indie music on twins and it sounds great on the atc45s... weird but sounds incredible. If they made it on the atc they would have ended up with a different color, not wrong just a different vibe. New speakers that sound different to me offer a new sound. Californication sounds great... but weird. Whoever mixed it followed their ears and speakers and came out with that. The process happened from production to mix. It’s all personal