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I got my X-Touch One in today and you are absolutely correct that it does not allow any switch to automate anything but volume or pan. I'm sure you've done a lot of digging but there is a plugin project on reapers forums called CSI(Control Surface Integration) that is attempting to allow all sorts of customization to control surface controls. One user has been able to get quite a bit of X-Touch One working the way they use it. I'm determined to get the automation working as I use that constantly. The forum post is a long read but here is a link to it:

The control surface integration project (CSI) -- Midi for now but will include OSC - Cockos Incorporated Forums

Here is the GitHub link that references the X-Touch One user and their config files:

Home * malcolmgroves/reaper_csi Wiki * GitHub

I plan on digging in to the limited documentation(it is pre-alpha after all) and seeing if I can figure out a way to create a mode(called zones in this plugin I believe) to allow selection of automation lanes and then modification of said lane with the fader or encoder. If I figure it out i'll definitely come back and let you know.