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I think at that point it really depend what you want to monitor in order of preferences. I'm in no way a good mixing engineer but I like to have certain frequencies very well represented and some other maybe less ''obvious'' without saying that I want them tamed.

I can definitely understand why someone would love the Neumann over the APS and I think the Dynaudio and Eve also fall under the same spectrum of representation. I'd put the Dynaudio a bit better on the Low mid spectrum as far as I remember but to me, they are all great monitors.

I love my APS as is because they dont give me any hear fatigue and how they translate over other system based on my mixing preferences.

Like I said, I'm a very bad Mixing Engineer so its not like I'm a great reference but this is just my personal taste. I'm actually thinking of selling my Klasik to go for the Aeon so if anyone is interested, we can have a chat about it and see if we can agree on a price. Just know that those dont devaluate much so dont come at me with low baller offer. I have no patience for that.