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TR-8S right channel louder

Good morning,

I recently purchased a TR-8S and have hooked it up in my studio. I'm very happy with what this instrument is capable of, but I'm experiencing some odd behaviour that I wanted to bounce off of others for guidance/feedback.

The TR-8S right channel is reading 5-6db louder than the left channel in Ableton Live 10 Suite (Windows 10). It doesn't sound louder through my monitors (definitely not 5-6db louder), but the audio track meter in Live that I've got the TR-8S right channel coming into shows louder.

Initially I had the TR-8S left and right channels going into my Behringer ADA8200 (which is connected to patch bays). I thought that perhaps the Behringer gain knobs on the ADA8200 had a calibration issue (perhaps the pots were at different trim values), but I experienced the same outcome when I bypassed the ADA8200 and went straight into my Focusrite Clarett 4Pre with different 1/4" TRS cables. So I've eliminated the issue being the ADA8200, patch bays, and patch cables. I've also tried with BOOST mode both on and off, have tried different drum kits, and have reset the device to factory default.

If anyone has any light they can shed on this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!