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Okay I’ll do some research. Don’t want to steer this thread towards atc, but I will say the color of focal vs atc in the highs are different where the focals help me decipher quicker based on how i perceive sounds. I’ll pm you later tonight
One weird thing I don't like about the Focals (Twins, Solos and Trio 6) is that alot of indie rock music sounds horrible on them. It sounds overly harsh and abrasive. I remember putting on Phoenix's "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" on my Twins and I really disliked how it sounded on them, but I absolutely loved it on other monitors like my Adams. That being said, if I put on Post Malone's "Psycho" on the Twins - it sounds like one of the best mixed modern hip hop records I've ever heard. Maybe it's a genre thing. It's weird.

There's something about distorted or heavily driven guitars just don't sound accurate coming through the Twins.