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Old 20th March 2019
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RME HDSP MADI with Affinity changes

I set aside 5 of 6 Xeon cores for PT12.5 with my RME HDSP MADI & ADI-648 rig (Win7Pro 24GB RAM). At 96/24, I saw about a 10% PT CPU improvement, less than I expected but helpful. RME ASIO drivers are awesome but a bit of a mystery as I get near zero latency @ 128 samples. 64 samples kills my CPU. At 256, its almost usable for live tracking. At 128 I can live with a steady 60% on the PT CPU meters with a few plugins on each of the 16 record enabled tracks.

Then I realize, I could, conversely, affinity "disable" the PT "dedicated" cores from use by other apps, like Eucon, etc.

It's going to take some experimentation but this script and the knowledge uncovered in this thread have been incredibly awesome. Combined with my "net stop" bat file to turn off services unneeded for recording, things are getting faster and faster in PT. Thank you guys!!