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Exactly. I heard the 8351 at Aes. It sounded really peaky and pointy, but obviously not the greatest environment... I couldn’t really find one thing that I liked about it, but def willing to rock it at my spot for a month and see. not really in a hurry the trios are nice to listen to, so when someone comes and picks them up I’ll get it and see. The thing I noticed about changing speakers is that it keeps me creatively motivated. I Obviously have adhd which isn’t a joke but you get what I mean. Prolly wouldn’t recommend continuous monitor swaps for others though because you might lose your sense of reality which can be dangerous in audio
Although they might be very similar I was speaking about the 8341 (the new ones..anyway it's not how I would describe them, but again this is quite subjective, I reckon..)

But you didn't tell us yet what you didn't like about the atc's and which model it was..

Anyway, maybe it's better to start a different thread, since this is meant for a new product from focal..