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I know. Feel free to leave suggestions too. I might go back to the trios because of my relationship, but I want to try everything... even though I mainly use it to produce I’m also a lil on the audiophile side so I don’t want to be curious. So far I’ve tried atc, barefoot mm27, amphion one, and two18, avantone abbey, jbl 708. I can live with any of them except probably the amphions, so at this point I’m just splitting hairs. I would say I’m looking for something along the lines of trio highs and mids resolution but a tiny bit smaller. The twins didn’t have the same resolution, otherwise it would have been perfect
What atc did you tried? What did you not liked so much (or at all)? Too much detail? (I'm asking this vecause you said that you don't want to be curious).

I'd say that it's a matter of taste at that level and even more than that it's a matter of how the xyz loudspeaker INTEGRATES with your room and its acoustics.

maybe the 8341 could be something for you.. and I'm not a genelec all.
As you pointed out before
Maybe also the KS Digital a200..who knows..

Although the only real solution or suggestion I could give you is to test every loudspeaker in YOUR place and acoustically treat it as best as you can/can afford.
Then pick the one that suits you the best.