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Originally Posted by HiEnergy View Post
Seems like this one is dead. Hope I'm wrong...
Latest version was released not long ago. Now up to Ver 1.4.1

I am starting to question the whole artificial intelligence angle of the product.

I have the Pro version.

When creating blocks such as intros, themes, endings, theme changes and so on the software just completely ignores the context of the previous block.

There's a lot of hype about the AI but not much substance.

What is the AI model used, how was it trained, how is that AI model used by the software?

I can get better results out of Odesi, a non AI composition tool that costs $49 than from the Pop/Rock or Electro templates in Orb Composer Pro S.

Orchestral composition can easily become a nightmare in Orb Composer given the complexity of the settings. It's quicker and you'll get far better results composing from scratch in my opinion.

The inbuilt sound engine in Orb Composer is terrible and articulations and other such details won't translate well when moving over to a DAW.

I own Orb Composer Pro S, I bought Orb Composer very early on, before it even had a sound engine. I had high hopes for the software and it's possible workflow benefits but right now it seems to me like it's more a random happy accident machine than anything entirely useful.