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Old 19th March 2019
The Rev2 does wear many hats extremely well.

The filter bashers probably don't realize that all modulations are added up. And they add up quickly. It's very easy to end up with the filter wide open if you don't watch all the various sources of modulations. I actually used the 2 pole setting quite a bit however.

I was very surprised (back in 2017) when I got this synth to find that the "Glide Time" parameter isn't a mod destination. I mean they thought of everything else under the sun right. Anyway, I wanted to create a lead with 2 distinctly different glide times. I ended up using both layers with the MW controlling the balance between them. With the MW down you get a suitable glide time for a lead. With the MW fully up you get a very long Glide time. This worked great but what I wasn't prepared for was how they sounded together. Just a little bit of the longer glide time adds a very nice quality for slower mellow leads. This patch ended up being called "2 Glide High" in the final volume. In other words, if you have an idea it's probably possible with the Rev2 one way or another.

Thanks again guys!