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Old 18th March 2019
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My initial bad reactions to the Rev2 were due to what I percieved as the Curtis filters.... the low end disappeared when you roll down the cutoff, it was extra "brassy", and the sonic profile did not favor the low end like I remembered how my vintage synths were (Juno 106, DW-8000).

On top of that, there were MIDI quirks in Multimode that really pissed me off, esp since Dave was in on the original MIDI spec. For me as a performer, the quirks were more with the bi-timbral aspects rather than the sequencer complaints others have had:

- no aftertouch response on layer B
- split point not retained when receiving PC (Program Change)
- Bank/Program # not reflected in display upon PC, very confusing to sort out

But a Mio iConnectivty4 re-channelizing aftertouch and PC commands has solved half the issues.

The more I learn the Rev2, the better it gets. It helps a lot too with dedicated synth dudes like Razmo, Robust American, and GeoSynth producing great original patches.