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Lives for gear

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Jaysus Ive been buying gear like a crack ***** and am now feeling a bit sick of all the GAS’ing. I’ve built an amazing setup, but feel totally burned out with buying gear! First world problem, I know. It’s not like I rich or anything, i’ve just sold a lot of stuff I didn’t need to buy a ton of gear that was on special (I’m a sucker for deals).

A part of me wants to sell everything, but I just need to focus on other stuff. What are your tactics on avoiding buying gear you don’t need?
These days I ask myself if I will do right by the gear. What I mean to say is, as a new age soundtrack hobbyist dude, do I really need all this stuff for my output. I look at some guys who have awesome gear lists and as far as I know produce nothing but soundcloud noodlings. If they feel good about that more power to them For me I'd feel like a fool. It's overkill. I wouldn't buy a corvette so I can go grocery shopping.