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1 to 1,5 meters sound definitely good!
I got em about 30cm away from the wall, so that that was a problem.
The APS Klasik are superb speakers, i think they are better than the HEDD TYpe 07 at least (canĀ“t speak for the Eve or the Shape 65).

For the Klasiks: give em time to burn in. They really sounded "hard" when i first played stuff on em, but after some hours of this stuff they really opened up and sounded great:

Pink Noise in 4K:

100-200Hz Frequency Sweep:

Just let that play during the night or some hours during the day when you are away. I did that during the first 3 days besides playing regular music (and of course producing ) and it made a huge difference!
Great thank you again for your helpful and quick response.