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Hey mate, unfortunately i can only tell you about the HEDD Type 07, as neither the Shape 65 nor the Eve 207 where in that room (even though they sell it).
I found the HEDD TYpe 07 to be big in the Bass departement, which is what i also ready previously about them. So they should be fun producing, i am not sure about real critical mixing on them. The thing is: every monitor i heard sounded somewhat "muffled" compared to the Neumanns. Closest where the Adams A7x but the Neumann´s sound more spacious, wider, clearer, they just reveled more details (maybe the bass didn´t overpower the mids/highs due to the smaller 5" woofer, compared to the 7" woofers on the other monitors?).

One thing you should consider is: how close do you have the monitors standing to the wall? The Klasiks have a rear bass output port, which can be a problem if there isn´t much space between the bass output port and the wall. That´s why i first was considering the HEDD Type 07, as they got the bass output to the front (facing you, not the wall). I have to put em pretty close to the wall and that was a problem for me with the Klasik as well). The Neumann´s have the bass port to the front and thus can even be mounted directly on the wall (which i haven´t).
Thank you for the answer, im planning to place Klasik's on stands about 1 to 1.5 meters from the wall, so i think rear port should not make any problems. or i hope so