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I like the sound, nice recording.
May I ask, what was the spacing for the decca tree?
It was ~26”
The center mic was about a foot behind the conductor and maybe 11’ High.

I lost the positioning for the left right in that instead of directed down towards the first stand they were splayed out more and pointing generally towards the middle of the vn/cellos.

I saw but couldn’t get up the ‘will’ to drop the stand. The stage is four feet above the main floor and really dry and peaky compared to the hall proper.

I’m going back to my first mix that I presented and with what I learned going to do a couple minimal adjusts.
For the editors in the house; the Schubert 1st mvt - lm referring to it as the variation and tutti section - the last two variations, which are the a + b themes in that mvt are the a + b from the first two a + b’s because of problems in the last two sections. The tuttis are as performed.


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