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Just as a follow up regarding the APS Klasik: they are going back. Here is why:
First of all: they got an amazing lowend. Really loving that and the depth also was noticeable better than on my Adam A7 (the old one, not the A7x mind you!).
Still i was in doubt if there might be something better / even more fitting (HEDD Type 07 was something i considered for example) so i went to thomann (yes, i am privileged to live only 30 minutes away from them) and was listening to several monitors in comparison (HEDD Type 07, Adam A7x, Yamaha HS8 and some more, just switching between em, going back and forth). I noticed, that there where also the Neumann KH120 A, which i had heard only good about (also listed in this thread) but never considered em for me, as they have a small 5,25" woofer, instead of my regular 7" woofer on the Adam A7 and the APS Klasik. Still i thought, "just give em a listen, when everybody is raving about em" and OH MY GOD!! They sound so open, spacious, clear, neutral, with very precise transient response. I also thought they where running with a Subwoofer, as there wasn´t a real break in the bass department, when switching from the bigger 7" monitors to the KH120A´s. Long Story short: I left thomann with a pair of Neumann KH120A´s.

Back home i set em up and compared to the APS Klasik the missing bass was pretty noticeable i must admit. So i hooked on my Adam Sub8 and did some proper measurement regarding leveling the Sub to the KH120A´s. I also found a little better spot for my Subwoofer, as in the Neumann manual mentioned the Sub should not be placed exactly between the monitors but rather a bit left or right. Listening to music now is such a joy (when it´s mixed proper)! They have such a clean and "airy" sound with such a wide stereo field.

In all honesty, i didn´t even do a lot going back and forth between the APS and the Neumann´s, it was so clear that this setup will be "the next step" for me. I am not bashing the APS Klasik in any way btw! They are very nice and offer an amazing linear frequency response, even down to the subs. I only have the problem that in my room (where not that much treatment is possible, as it´s the living room i have to share with my wife, kid, dogs ) In this room are several bass dips between the left and right monitor between 50-110Hz. When using a Subwoofer those differences aren´t there (as i only use ONE Subwoofer). I use Sonarworks which helps a lot. So i couldnt´t really take advantage of the nice lowend on the Klasiks as i had to use the Adam Sub8 anyway. With the Neumann´s this setup makes much more sense, as the Subwoofer takes a good amount of pressure off of them and they sound even more clearer.
I hope this is helpful to anybody and you get what i am saying, no native english speaker, but i try my best.