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That's a lot for your Mac. I have the Mid 2010 2,93 12-core and only get around 175 tracks. I don't understand why, because all other people get much more:
Mac Pro 12-Core 2,93 Mid 2010 – Logic Benchmarks
(my score is the one at the bottom, click it to see more details)

I got that with the Buffer at 32. With the Buffer set to 1024 I could barely pass 150 tracks.

Also, look at the pics I attached: One thread stayed very low, that's when I tried it with Buffer set to 1024. When I set it to 32 it got higher, but still not to its fullest. I wonder if something is wrong with my Mac. Maybe that would explain why my score is so low compared to others.

As said, I think for my tests I had the process buffer set to large. Makes quite a difference. The used interface might add something to the scenario as well.

Regarding your screenshot of the CPU meter, that's just normal. The rightmost bar is the "live thread", which is exclusively reserved for all record-enabled tracks and hence not sharing any workload (which is what the others do).