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Originally Posted by Sascha Franck View Post
Fwiw, just looked at the results - kinda weird as I can run 227 tracks (at buffersize 32 samples - but that really only affects the live thread and the test isn't too tough regarding that) on my Mac Pro 12-Core 2.66 Mid 2010, which is one more than what the Mac Pro 12-Core 3,06 Mid 2012 shows.
I do have my Process Buffer Range set to "large", though.
With the "small" setting things go down to 200 tracks, using "medium" it's 223.
That's a lot for your Mac. I have the Mid 2010 2,93 12-core and only get around 175 tracks. I don't understand why, because all other people get much more:
Mac Pro 12-Core 2,93 Mid 2010 – Logic Benchmarks
(my score is the one at the bottom, click it to see more details)

I got that with the Buffer at 32. With the Buffer set to 1024 I could barely pass 150 tracks.

Also, look at the pics I attached: One thread stayed very low, that's when I tried it with Buffer set to 1024. When I set it to 32 it got higher, but still not to its fullest. I wonder if something is wrong with my Mac. Maybe that would explain why my score is so low compared to others.
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