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I went back and forth - seems a bit more integrated. Interested to hear your feedback.
I did get a little more reverb on it too per comment


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You seem to have improved the tree mic balance (ultimately best to have identical mics) and coherence of images across the front of the orchestra.

The newly added reverb washes out detail....completely unnecessary, reverb on the sample in post 1 was great, you had a nimble skipping it is wading through old car oil. Woodwind spots might be a fraction high, but generally the mix is moving well ahead, from an already good starting point.

I recommend you reference the 50+ CD box set "The Decca Sound" which will give you a solid set of benchmarks made across Decca's heydays from the late 50's on, when the Tree became their trademark. It will calibrate your hearing and mix goals astonishingly....and the cost per CD (or download) is minuscule ! The included essay and booklet alone is worth the box price, as it contains many valuable photos and location hints from that era.