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While initially dismissive of your assertion, I would be interested to read any of the source papers associated with the evolution of those mentioned near coincident arrays...does anyone have references, links to these ? In particular if they contain room dimensions and source to mic distances as you suggest.

I think you might be referring to Michael Williams "The Stereophonic Zoom" article/paper which relates to stereo recording angle, orchestral angle etc. It provides one with tools to recalculate the mic angles and spacings in response to these variables...similar to Sengpiel's widget.

Now you can measure and calculate these from your mobile phone, using at least 2 apps (low cost and free) often mentioned in the thread of this forum; Recording Angle Williams/ Neumann App
I did find way back when descriptions of the ORTF and NOS room sizes.

The evolution is pretty much trial and error and measure results.

Somehow more recently some folks seem to be able to calculate it but I do not know their assumptions and have not seen the actual equations.

I saw references to stereo zoom on but did not yet find any real description of the details.